A Place For Everything And Everthing In Its Place
Los Angeles, 2007

Grand Opening
Saint Barthelemy, 2006

The Prosperity Of The Author,
The Misfortune of The Plagiarist
Paris 2006

Appendectomy Benefit
Miami, 2006

Agency Open House
New York, 2007

Self Portraits
New York, 2007

Kurt Russell : REGENESIS
Chicago, 2007

Ebony, Ivory, Rubber and Dough
London, 2007

Famous Aliens of Finland
and American Folk Furniture
Brussels, 2008

Fan Fictions
Gstaad, 2008

For the People of Philmont
Paris, 2009

The Corrector's Custom
New York, 2009

The Corrector in the High Castle
New York, 2009