buy modafinil in singapore On Keith Boadwee and AA Bronson's plaid paintings

buy prednisone dogs Paul Blart Mall Cop The other day, I watched Martin Shkreli laughing and smirking at congress on FB, happily invoking his right not to incriminate himself with his lawyer whispering in his ear. Meanwhile, a representative lectured him on morality like a kindergarten teacher, attempting to appeal to his better nature. Back in the 80's Reagan was too tone deaf to even feel the sting of those of us who felt political struggles superseded morality, but by the time Shkreli came around we had really embraced the old morality line. Shkreli and his bros have the monopoly on evil these days. We handed it over in exchange for expanding the fashion industry, and widespread liberal support of our culture. We’re all worried about rights and keeping it in the family. 

A couple years ago, Robert Gober staged Forrest Bess’s great unfinished work at the Whitney. His beautiful, unassuming abstract paintings were shown, right alongside documentation of his secret self-surgical genital/existential polymorphous perversity that had long been their hidden core. 

All those photos and documents were now sealed up in a vitrine, public but not public, the art but not the art, mere biographical material, but utterly essential for understanding what the “official” work is. Transparency as the new party line.

We probably learned the wrong lesson from Bess, but as Douglas Crimp said about Warhol: We get the Bess we deserve. Not the brutality of the process of becoming, not the void of meaning which predicates a brutal and implacable truth. Instead we learned to clean it up for the cameras, and to draw a lot of blinking arrows pointing towards the obscene supplement which sustains the whole deal. So how do we characterize what we see here? Golf Plaids made by shitting out the paint on the canvas.  We're a long way from Al Pacino in the clubs in Friedkin's "Cruising". It's more like a scene from the unreleased sequel to "Animal House", or something that ended up on the cutting room floor during the editing of "Ace Ventura Pet Detective". Shkreli is not the only one who can play the desublimation game. 

January 2016